Sexual emergencies

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Condom break

In case of a condom’s break, the best is to ask your client if he / she usually takes risks with other partners. This presupposes that you trust the customer’s answers : it’s up to you to know if you trust him or her.

After a risky report, do not wash your private parts in the shower, jet pressure could increase the risk of contamination by creating micro lesions on the mucous membranes. Go pee pushing to get out the semen of the vagina.

If the risk for HIV transmission is confirmed, it would be ideal to go as quickly as possible (ie immediately) to the emergency department of the nearest hospital and explain the situation to the emergency physician. Tell him that you and your partner both have had more than 5 partners in the last 6 months. This will justify post exposure prophylaxis.

Post exposure prophylaxis, is an anti-HIV treatment to take for a month. It is CAPITAL that you start this treatment within 48 hours after taking the risk because the faster the treatment is taken, the more effective it is. It is important to know that this treatment will cost about CHF 2000 and that it is paid back by the health insurance funds when it is prescribed in the context of emergencies.

It is also possible to convince your client to on the accident day an HIV test with you in a medical laboratory. Most laboratories charge this service at a relatively low price. You will both be very reassured if the result is negative. Be careful, however, it will leave a small doubt as to the last 3 months before the accident or risky behaviour.

Places to do screening tests:

Geneva : Aspasie organizes screening tests for free (HIV + STI) every 2 weeks. You can also go to  a partner lab Anabio, HIV test : 30 CHF, HIV + STI : 80 CHF – rue de Lausanne 67 – 1202 Geneva. Tel: 022 738 18 18

Lausanne: VISTA Policlinique médicale universitaire (PMU), rue du Bugnon 44, 1011 Lausanne. Tel : 021 314 49 17

Medical emergencies

In case of a medical emergency: dial 144, give your location first and explain your symptoms. If you are calling for a customer, also give your location first and then explain if the customer is conscious and breathing. If he/she does not breathe, you are facing a medical emergency and you must first clear the airway (head back, liberate airways with a finger if an object obstruates them), breathe twice in the nose by closing the mouth and then do 30 chest compressions / 15 seconds. This is called cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Then repeat this cycle of 2 breaths and 30 rapid and deep (>5cm) chest compressions until help arrives.

If the health problem affects you personally and is not an emergency, a first question arises: what is your work permit ?

If you work with the 90 days permit, you will only have the right to reimbursement of medical emergencies in Switzerland by the insurance of your country of residence. Also, for treatment and outpatient consultations, it is advisable to turn to structures for people without residence permit such as CAMSCO in Geneva and in Point d’eau (no emergencies) or Unisanté in Lausanne. You can also contact the associations for sex workers Aspasie & Fleur de Pavé who can relay to places of free care. Also remember that consultations and treatment are much cheaper in France, Italy and Germany, if you decide to pay yourself for your healthcare.

Violence / Assault

If you have been subjected to physical violence, you will need to have the marks of your aggression noticed by a doctor or the gynecological emergencies of your canton as soon as possible. Although it is not easy, do not wash and do not change before that. When this is established you will have two years to file a complaint with the police. When it comes to sexual violence the delay is longer. You can also find support in your cantonal victim aid center. Look for it on VictimAid Switzerland.

Worrying situations

When we are clients or escorts we may meet someone whose situation is of particular concern to us, for example for reasons of human trafficking, state of health, or insecurity.

In case of human trafficking, you can contact organizations specializing in human trafficking such as the as the FIZ in German-speaking Switzerland or the Centre Social Protestant Helpline (0800 20 80 20) or Astrée (021 631 03 00) in French-speaking Switzerland. You can find more information on the Swiss Platform against Human Trafficking, a network of counseling centers for victims of human trafficking.

Callmetoplay would also like to give you the opportunity to report the situation of an escort worrying you without the police being involved at first. Do not hesitate to give this person the contact of your local sexworker association (find it on the ProCoRe map). Enjoin them to contact us. If they do not dare contact us, tell us… We will reach out to them.

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