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Call Me To Play. Site created by de astns for the defense of the rights of sex workers in Switzerland


Callmetoplay is a participative erotic ads website created by the organizations defending the rights of sex workers in Romandie (Fleur de Pavé & Aspasie). It was first launched in 2018 in french, english and spanish. In 2022, its has become supported by ProCoRe: it is therefore being gradually translated into german and italian to fit the swiss escorting market.

Callmetoplay is administered by sexworkers and allies. We know therefore how difficult it is to earn a living from sexwork and we wanted to allow sexworkers not to lose to much income in advertisment. Callmetoplay’s purpose is therefore to allow the escorts to announce themselves for free.

So yes, Callmetoplay is indeed primarily a website allowing to publish free erotic ads. But it is also and perhaps above all a great tool to break the loneliness too often associated with online sexwork.

You can here:

  • advertise your services and learn by doing this which risks are associated with each of your sexual services
  • upload you own pics or ask for a sexwork-friendly photographer selected by Callmetoplay
  • communicate with clients and other sexworkers either in the open forum or privately
  • read Pussy’s newletters to be informed about the latest sexwork-related news in Switzerland
  • read Pussy’s Diary of an Escort to better understand what the everyday of a sexworker looks like and what it’s challenges are
  • ask for instantaneous urgent administrative help or medical advice from Willy in the chat
  • make appointments with associations and even ask for the visit of social workers / nurses in your workplace with prevention material
  • learn what to do, step by step and very strategically, if a client has assaulted you
  • be informed of the latest testing offer
  • learn what to do if a condom breaks
  • learn the most common symptoms of STDs and know where to treat them in Switzerland…

In short, Callmetoplay wants to allow sexworkers to receive all the information that can make sexwork a less riscky activity. Here we perfectly know the problems associated with sex work.

Do not hesitate to contact us. No taboos between us here!

  • For questions about your ad and its publication status, or to share a blog article write to Pussy
  • For health realted questions that need emergency answers, write on the chat or mail Willy

Charter & code of conduct

Any user of Callmetoplay is required to read and accept the following ethical guidelines :

I pledge not to be offensive / degrading / humiliating on the forums.
I am committed to providing true-to-life photos.
I take note that sexwork is a regulated activity in Switzerland and that I should work in accordance with federal / cantonal laws and regulations.

I pledge not to be offensive / degrading / humiliating on the forum.
I promise to be polite on the phone.
I pledge not to negotiate rates.

Manager of salons
I take note that according to art 195 Swiss penal code, I cannot impose on an escort neither working hours nor prices. In Switzerland, the escorts are legally independent workers and they organise alone their activity.

All internet users
Any malicious or denigrating comments will be immediately deleted from the ads or the forum. The profile of the denigrating person will also be blocked after a first warning.

Any photo that does not comply with the legal framework will be immediately deleted (art. 197 penal code).


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